Dominique Nicole began her journey in St. Louis, Missouri through very humble beginnings. The Stage and Screen Actress, Designer, Certified Yoga Instructor, Philanthropist, and Businesswoman is dedicated to her artistic passions, zest for life, and quest to help youth. Dominique Nicole has sought the path not typically taken in the Entertainment and Fashion Industry, unlike the multitude of travelers who adopt a “by any means necessary” approach to achieving success. The governing principles Dominique Nicole lives by are: having objectives and goals, engaging in hard work, believing in oneself, keeping a focus, and — most important — possessing an uncompromising integrity.

From her youth Dominique Nicole faced many challenges in the Entertainment Industry. This is what aligned Dominique Nicole with the passion to help individuals in pursuit of the Arts, Entertainment, which gave birth to the Life and Love Foundation. This Foundation is a charitable 501(C)(3) organization that is dedicated to giving fundraisers for educational workshops and monies to organizations to better the future of the youth in Film, TV, Music, Fashion, and myriad of Entertainment. Dominique Nicole’s passion and mission in life is to help individuals excel to their highest potential in the Entertainment and through Entrepreneurship.

Dominique Nicole’s has been featured on BET, OWN, and SONY Networks and has been blessed to work with some of the industry’s best Tyler Perry, Jeff Woods, Jane Cole, Jeff Rhodes, Carl Millender, Len Gibson, Gary Flannigan, and Henry Scott.

Dominique Nicole has a background in Healthcare as a Healthcare Consultant in AI Artificial Intelligence and Biotechnology with years of experience in these scientific areas aligns with her passion for health and wellness.

Yoga and mindfulness has always been a key component to Dominique Nicole’s life. The practice of mind, body, spirit, and mindful awareness has kept Dominique Nicole grounded and fully present to be able to embrace the flow of life and whatever challenges that it will bring. The high frequency of peace and the calmness it brings to the mind and body is something that she wants to share with the world. The unity of every culture coming together to practice yoga is the most beautiful presence of peace.